Kenesky Goalie School

Backed by "29" years of Goalie schools, Keneskys' is one of the oldest training schools for Goalies in Canada.

Goaltending has changed and so have we. Although the basics are still our #1 priority, we strive to enhance and improve a goalie’s existing style, not change it. We adapt the style to eliminate weakness and improve strengths.

At Kenesky we teach basic fundamental goaltending first, adapt drills to fit your goalie and provide individualized training based on each goalie’s skill level.

Our staff is comprised of teachers and students of the game. We all love to play goal, and we all agree that the learning process never ends, whether you are 7 or 47.

Keneskys' started it all and the tradition and respect for the position continues.

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Call now for your personal 1-on-1 goalie training:

  • Hour long private 1 on 1 instruction
  • Specialty training facilities
  • Year round training access
  • Great for those without access to a goalie coach

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For more information please contact:

Adam Balis
t: 1-905-870-5465


Now that you know where the #1 training is, find out when your game can take the next step.

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Where are they now?

29 years is a long time, check out where all the Kenesky Goalie School alumni are now!

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Kenesky Goalie Loft and #1 Goalie School